The AstroWOW astrological calendar will merge and integrate into Horoscope Interpreter, but Horoscope Interpreter will not integrate into the already installed Calendar Module. Therefore the Calendar must be uninstalled, then reinstalled after download and installation of Horoscope Interpreter.

How to proceed

  • If you have important Name Data in your Calendar Module you should back it up. Birth data you have previously entered will otherwise be lost.
    See Backing up Data
  • Uninstall the Calendar Module using Start/Control Panel/Remove Programs , then restart your machine.
  • Download Horoscope Interpreter, and save it onto a selected folder on your harddisk. (If you have a CD version, place it in the drive and the installation process will automatically commence. )
  • Double-click on the downloaded Interprt.exe file, and Horoscope Interpreter will now automatically install.
  • Now download the Calendar module again, or locate you previously downloaded file. See instructions for Calendar download.
    (If you have the CD, place the CD in your drive).
  • After the download is complete the files are unzipped and installed automatically. If automatic installation does not take place, locate the setup_uk.exe file in the folder to which you saved it, and double-click. (If you are upgrading with a CD, it will auto-install after inserting the CD in the drive). A Calendar icon will be placed on your desktop after successful installation. Double-click on this to open the program.
  • If you have backed up data, you can copy the DATA directory back to the new installation after you have open and closed the newly updated Calendar Module once.

Backing up Data

  • Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the existing Calendar folder. This is normally to be found at: C:\Program Files\World of Wisdom\Calendar
  • Double click on the Calendar Folder, then copy the DATA directory and save it to a temporary folder
  • After you have completed the installation as describer above, double-click on the Calendar icon to start the newly upgraded Calendar.
  • Once you are satisfied the upgraded Calendar/Horoscope Interpreter is working fine, then go back to the folder at: C:\Program Files\World of Wisdom\WOW ... and copy the DATA directory back, overwriting the existing directory.
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Instructions for Calendar Download

  • Click on this download link and choose the option "Save to File".
  • Initially a small Setup file of 144 Kbs is downloaded. This should just take a few seconds. This file will examine your hard disk to see if you have an upgradable version of Horoscope Interpreter, which of course you now have.
  • Choose the "Open" option to start the Setup file. An upgrade module of Horoscope Interpreter will be downloaded (5.4 MBs)
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