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Putin the Great
Ed Miliband for PM?
No Border Can Stand
Freedom of Speech
Donald Trump... and the rest
Compassion Tsunami
ISIL and Beyond
As Above, So Below
The Future of Scotland
Back in The USSR
Astrology and the System
The Spring that Never Came
2014 -The Year Ahead
Mixed Blessings of Neptune
Loves me, Loves me not
Cosmic Teachings
Francois Hollande and France
The Amazing World of Lies
David Cameron and Britain
Embarrassing Truths
Trends in 2013
Germany, Merkel and the Euro
The Future of the Dollar
The Future of America
Stellar Travel - electing a chart
Your Age - Planetary Cycles
Your Age and what it reveals
Transits and the chance for change
The Future of the Euro
Goodbye Sarkozy
Naughty men - Strauss Kahn
Naughty men - Schwarzenegger
Pluto transiting the Angles
21st Century India
Revolution in Middle East
Uranus changes sign
Revolutionary Times
Meltdown in Japan
2012... and all that
The Dream of Dubai
Haiti - the earthquake
Revolutionary Times
21st Century Renaissance
Neptune in Pisces
Resurrection in Chile
Trends for 2010 - part 1
Trends for 2010 - part 2
Realizing the Self
Belief Systems
Stories as Therapy
The Future of Iran
Counseling Couples
The Wild Transition from 2008 - 2010
Trends for 2009
Afghanistan - Past and Future
Barack Obama
Prediction and Transformation
The Evolution of Love
Jupiter through the Houses
Cool Future
Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius
Extreme Loving

2008 and the Wings of Victory

The Death Penalty
General Organizing Principle
Mum, Dad and Eminem
Trends for Late 2006
Pluto 0 - Ceres 1
The Martyrs of Iran
Israel 2006
Aquarians in Power
Freedom of Speech?
Oil - End of an Age
The Fifties
The Fourties
The Thirties
The Twenties
A Future with Pluto
Saturn in Leo
Brave New World
Karol Wojtyla 1920-2005
Democracy in the Middle East
Dangerous Seas
Autopsy of an Election
Russia - a Painful Transition
Romance on the Mediterranean
Too close to the Sun
John Kerry
Madrid, Europe and USA
Italy - past and present
Making the Most of 2004
The future of Iraq
A Wise Whale
Venus and the Sun
Mars in Prison by the Sea
Bush - Clinton
Times of Transition
Turkey in Europe
Planetary Strength
The Washington Snipers
Bush and Hussein
Electric Fish?
Corruption in USA
India and Pakistan
Cycles Large and Small
Sharon and Arafat
Saturn and Politicians
The Art of Losing an Election
Osama bin Laden
The Two Towers
The China Olympics
Timothy McVeigh
The Power of the EU
King of Hearts
Year of the Great Romance
The Millennium Bug
Israel - 60 Years of History
Lost in a Time Loop
Bridges and Mars
Astrology and Daily News
Putin and the New Russia
The Demise of Microsoft
Dot Com Bomb
John McCain
British Transport Nightmare
US Election 2000
Salman Rushdie
Is Astrology Reality?
Sun Sign Astrology