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Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment is dedicated wholly to the practice of counseling astrology. Going far beyond using astrology as a diagnostic tool, this comprehensive work shows how to harness perception and sensory states to create positive change by reading horoscopes and astutely observing the client. By accessing the basic energy patterns that form identity and inform behavior, reality can be transformed for the best.

Adrian Ross Duncan, a pioneer with over fifteen years experience as a practicing counseling astrologer, deftly shows how to empower clients and create transformation by harnessing horoscopes. Concisely written and amply detailed, Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment carries the counseling astrologer and his or her client to begin change in only one session! Duncan shares case studies and includes over 40 planetary charts and figures to guide the user.

Part One, "Setting the Scene", explains how to read clients' body language and tone of voice prior to reading their charts. "The Major Players", Part Two, depicts specific planetary combinations and how they relate to emotional response, relationships and the future. And Part Three, "Transformation Methods", further teaches ways to expand awareness of the challenges at hand, reframe the reading, expand sensory skills, and discover new communication systems.

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