Review by Suzi Harvey

Adrian Duncan is one of the leading astrological lights of Europe and this book, as well as his lecture at the Europe '92 Conference last September, testifies to his wide experience as a teacher and consultant. It also reveals a profoundly philosophical mind which delights in the paradoxes of reality with which we all grapple but which astrology, at its most sublime level, embraces.

Duncan's mercurial intellect ranges over a wide spectrum of topics pertinent to the astrologer's world: chapter one - A New Face of Time - a modem view of time as revealed through quantum physics and its relevance to a new view of astrology; chapter two: The Planetary Clock - The progressed horoscope as the unfoldment of individual character; chapter three: Correction of the birth time prior to the consultation; chapter four - Consultation Time - Horary astrology and the astrological consultation; chapter five: Practice - Astrological magic and psychological techniques in the consultation; chapter six: 'The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius". One of the most valuable parts of the book is his approach to the common hazards we all encounter as practicing astrologers, and his case history examples and insights into the client-counselor relationship are invaluable. Duncan combines important precepts from the therapeutic process with his work as an astrologer, and emphasizes that "explanations are best kept to a minimum - far better to draw out the explanation from the client himself through astute questioning ...

Intelligent questioning can evoke an understanding of complex areas of the chart, whereas astrological explanations and rationalizations tend to evoke resistance in the client.' The book expresses a unique blend of philosophical reverence for traditional ideas of the ancients and an iconoclastic positivism about the human condition and our capacity for change. Adrian Duncan is a real astrologer, living and working with the symbols that weave their way in and out of our lives, from the simple daily round to the pivotal political events that shape human history. Indeed, as he states in the introduction, " In this book I wish to make no distinctions between high spiritual realities, and mundane happenings. I haven't noticed that there is any difference." And as Nick Campions's excellent foreword sums up, this book is less another astrology book, more a remarkable personal statement from a self-proclaimed lateral thinker.' A thought-provoking and highly recommended read.....Suzi Harvey

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