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2012 and all that

The end of the world is coming… it’s a sure thing. Certainly within 100 years, you will no longer be able to read this, because you will be dead and gone. It is quite a worrisome thing of course, but humans have a wonderful ability to forget their coming demise, on the surface at least.

There are people who like to universalize dying though, so we can all go at once. This idea that the end of the world could come in our lifetime has been considerably facilitated by Christianity, and a whole chapter is devoted to it in Revelations. (Note 1)

There is nothing new about the apocalypse or apocalyptic thought. In Matthew 16:28 Jesus himself said “Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” Subsequently every period of history has had its Armageddon moment. There were many stories of apocalyptic paranoia at the turn of the first millennium - Y1K - but when Christ failed to return at this time, the date was pushed to the 1000th anniversary of the crucifixion. But still no go. And of course we have had our own millennium bug - Y2K - but it was after all not catching.

In the early 16th century about 20,000 people abandoned their homes as astrologers predicted floods in London heralding the end times. (Note 2) Later astrologer Richard Harvey predicted the end of the world because of a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in 1583, and Martin Luther thought that the End would occur no later than 1600. Personally Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door about 20 years ago, assuring me that the end of the world was coming, because the European Union was increasing in size to include 12 countries, a number of great significance. With membership now at 20+ there has been no second coming.

Performance artist Laurie Andersen tells a story about her grandmother, who was Southern Baptist Holy Ruler and had a very clear idea about the future, and of how the world would end. She recalls the day her grandmother died. She was very excited, and dressed up for the big moment when Christ was to come to get her. But at the very last minute - after a whole life of praying and predicting the end of the world - she panicked because she couldn’t decide whether or not to wear a hat. (Note 3) There is a certain cachet in being part of a select group designated for the Promised Land, whether this be Christian, Muslim or connected with an intergalactic race who will pluck you and your fortunate group off the doomed planet. But a free pass through purgatory is not so cheaply bought. A hat will not do the trick.

Anyway, now the end of the world is coming, and you need to be ready for December 21st, 2012. This is the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, popularized by Jose Arguelles in the book “The Mayan Factor”. This is the time when the winter solstice sun aligns with the Galactic Equator, which is something that happens every 25,800 years - otherwise known as a Great Age. The Mayans were obviously pretty good at cosmology, although it is difficult to measure this alignment with precision. Astronomers today contend that it took place in 1998 but allow 18 years each side of this date, from 1980 - 2016. (Note 4)

But of course, you do not have to have studied astrology for long to get a little frisson about 2012, because June 24th 2012 is the date of the first of seven Uranus/Pluto squares (the last being in 2015), which is an event that takes place twice during the course of the rather irregular 120+ year conjunction cycle of these two planets. Bearing in mind that the last square took place in the ideological insanity of the 1930’s when Hitler and Stalin exercised a hypnotic hold on enormous population masses, a certain nervousness could be expected.

As it turns out I was reminded of the imminent demise of the world by a client who visited recently. Adam (not his real name) has been so kind as to allow me to use his horoscope to illustrate the phenomenon of apocalyptic thinking.

Horoscope data private

I was to learn that this person had a large property where he has lived with his parents. He had slowly taken over the administration of the property, but as his father had recently died, he was now confronted by urgent demands from the family to fully take over, which would be a costly affair. I always work with the consultation chart for the client’s arrival, which tends to magnify the here and now issues the client is facing, and I use the first 10 minutes to describe the situation without having any knowledge of the client’s current circumstances… to prove the credentials of astrology so to speak.

Horoscope data private

The position of the moon at the very end of Capricorn in the 8th house shows the client both traumatized and exhausted. In fact he wants his freedom - the sextile to Uranus on the 11th - and he will soon let go of the yoke he is carrying on his shoulders… the Moon will soon leave Capricorn. He turned up 7 minutes early, which placed Pluto exactly on the Descendant, which indicated a sense of being opposed by implacable and powerful forces.

Note the astonishing parallels between the birth chart and the consultation chart. Mars is sextile Saturn in both and the Sun and Mars are in Aries/Leo with almost exactly the same number of degrees between them. Clearly this is a tough guy, normally very positive, confident and full of life. What is killing him is the Moon in detriment in Capricorn, conjoining the North Node, opposing Saturn in fall in Cancer, and square Pluto.

Thirty-six years have gone by since his birth - a Saturn/Pluto cycle - which means the square has reproduced itself and once again activates the Moon! A fact highlighted by his arrival with the Descendant on his natal Moon, which Pluto is now transiting. These were at least the points I highlighted in the first ten minutes, speaking of the need to break free from a crushing family situation characterized by maternal domination. It hit the mark fairly well, and the story came out about how he felt pressured to take over the property and buy the family out, perpetuating the family heritage. Something I naturally urged him not to do… Pluto knows when to consign something harmful to the dustbin of history.

Having won his confidence, he leaned over conspiratorially and said - well you can see the other thing too, right? Which I couldn’t. “You know… 2012″ he whispers. Now I couldn’t drag my family to see the film (Note 5), not even for the sake of an article, but I know my Mayan Factor. I have had clients who know that the destruction of the Twin Towers was an inside job, and that the moon landing in 1969 never actually took place, but this was my first 2012 person. I suggested tongue in cheek - with impregnable Moon in Capricorn constellating with invincible Saturn/Pluto - that this was the time to start thinking about build a very robust bunker. But he was ahead of me… he was already examining the possibility of building a bunker in the Nevada desert. Could I see the possibility of a move? Well, with the next aspect of the moon in the consultation chart to be a trine to an exalted Saturn in the 5th, which ruled the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th houses, and of course the current transit of Pluto to the moon, later to be followed by Uranus and Jupiter activating the whole T-square, a move with partner and children did seem rather likely.

But why does Adam think the world will end, and why does he think it is crucial to survive it? It seemed a very disempowering view, and also very likely a view that would alienate those dear to him - the Pluto on the consultation Descendant. I tried out a few arguments: What if he died tomorrow, would he be worried about the end of the world? Or: He was going to die anyway within about 50 years, as would his family. But this cut no ice… this was about the survival of humanity. Obviously with his Moon in the 4th conjunction the node he was thinking of long-term survival of the family heritage. But, I interjected, didn’t he think that the US government would have their own bunker, bigger and better, and that if humanity was to survive they would ensure it? No, they could not be entrusted with the task. Well, reason will always lose the battle against irrational anxiety, but it was interesting trying.

But back to his original question… could I see 2012 in his horoscope? Well, here’s the thing. Adam has Mars in Aries in the 8th house, so he is looking for a life-threatening situation that he can survive with energy and initiative. The magic is this: Mars in Adam’s horoscope has progressed from the 8th house to the 9th house and from Aries into Taurus. Currently it is at 9.09 Taurus. In December 2012 it will be at 9.16 Taurus and it goes no further. Mars stops, and so does Adam’s world. So if you had Mars going stationary in Taurus in the 9th house, wouldn’t you think of traveling to the US to build a bunker and sit things out?

Adam explained that the world would end on December 21st 2012 at 11.11 and that the cause would be a reversal of the poles. The North Pole will become the South Pole, which means the earth will start rotating in the opposite direction. The cause of this is a dramatic change in the magnetic field of the sun, which apparently happens with regularity. (Note 6). This knowledge was available to the Mayans and also to the Egyptians. This reminds me of the Islamic prophecy that the sun will rise in the West in the latter days prior to Judgment Day. (Note 7). Adam is starting to worry me.

It is fascinating to see that in 2012 Pluto will be transiting Adam’s nodal axis as Uranus squares it. It is not exactly a solar cataclysm but definitely enough to get those poles wobbling. And considering that Adam visits me just months before his nodal return, which takes place age 37, it is understandable that he is concerned that fate has something special in store for him. Life as he knows it cannot continue as it has hitherto. As far as I am concerned, the idea of him continuing the family business is beginning to seem more and more unlikely.

I am beginning to think that Adam does not need a bunker for himself, his wife and his many children. He needs a bunker busting bomb. The bunker has always been there, and the crushing burden of his Moon/Saturn/Pluto constellation has evoked more and more defensive behavior, year after year… layer upon layer of defense until he no longer can or dare feel what is going on in the family environment. Now the bomb has arrived, and its arrival was written, not in Mayan or Egyptian glyphs millennia ago, but in the Saturn/Pluto/Node planetary cycle which marks out the age of 37 as the end time. The end of the vice-like grip of family karma. Are not the hours that Adam spends googling the year 2012, indeed whole nights at his computer researching the Apocalypse, displaced anxiety about the upheavals that lie ahead for him personally? With his mother struggling with cancer, and his father recently dead, confronted with a business proposition that may (or may not) make his mother happy, but which he personally dreads, the end of the world might not seem so bad. Especially if you have that bunker.

But it is not easy to sell the idea of psychological displacement to someone busy preparing for the Apocalypse. And, hey, I could be wrong, so just in case storm clouds start gathering towards the end of 2012, I have his cell phone number. I hope he’ll let me in.

Adrian Duncan 20.04.2010

Note 1: Personally I find Revelations quite a comforting section of the bible, because it seems to herald a new age in which knowledge of astrology plays a key role.

Revelation 22, 1-2

Then he showed me the river of the water of life bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Note 2: See “A Brief History of the Apocalypse:

Note 3: Google “The End of the World” lyrics - Laurie Andersen.

Note 4: Check out the astronomical details here:

Note 5: The film 2012 was made in 2009 and is based on the idea of a world catastrophe and the struggle to survive it.

Note 6: Patrick Geryl: The Orion Prophecy

Note 7: Abu Hurayrah narrates that Mohammed said, “The day of the hour will not come until the sun rises from the west…”

16 Responses to “2012 and all that”

  1. Annabel Herriott Says:

    Adrian, I haved saved this to read properly when we Conservatives have finished all the delivering of election literature, and knocking on doors to canvass support. I shall deffo be thinking of finding a bunker somewhere if the Labour party is returned to power! I would rather be led be a first house libra sun on a virgo Asc than as we have been, led by a guy with sun in pisces in the 12th, plus 4 other planets there, on an aries asc, or albeit remote, by a chancer with sun cap and moon sag! (no time available, so no asc.)

  2. Rosa Lea Davis Says:

    I found this view very interesting, and also Adam being a fear based person, since I believe the world will change as is must, but to iradicate new growth. I also believe in reincarnation as the school of life and thought moves forward.

  3. Joelle Brink Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    I learned of this “prophecy” from a Mayan operations researcher at a leading Mexican bank. His family name was Estrella (”star”), given by the Spanish to the families of Mayan astrologers at the time of the conquest. Almost all his family members were employed in mathematics and the sciences, but they continued to study and practice astrology and were also very talented musicians.

    Given the fact that my friend recruited all the other Estrellas he could find and trained them in mathematics and computer science, I think it’s a good bet the Long Count hasn’t ended, just gone digital. Modern financial astrologers have shown it to correlate closely with the money and business cycles, and in this context the present phase would seem to indicate economic recession and military strife–bingo!

    We may be experiencing personal polar shifts and Armageddons in our lives, but I’m not blaming mine on the Mayans ;)

    Joelle Brink

  4. 2012 and All That » » Astrology Around The Web Says:

    […] In his latest article, Adrian Duncan discusses the case of a client who is convinced the world is going to end in 2012, which Adrian sees as psychological displacement: […]

  5. Stacey Says:

    Thank you for illuminating the anxiety which surrounds me. My mother, different friends and partners have been expressing concern, and I have read the forecasts and the prophesies. We can only create today and work towards goals we wanted to see in this physical reality. Beyond that, there is nothing to prepare for.

  6. martin rai Says:

    Dear friend

    You are absoluty right. Mother earth will always survive and even we humans will not cease to exist.
    How ever,eventhough I disagree with the mayan-nonsense I do think that we are heading to a very disturbing period for the whole world.
    Nothing to be worried about since it will only be a proces of transformation.

    We indeed will enter paradise, more than ever the human race is ready to create paradise on earth.
    we have the technological knowledge and the will to create a world of abundant for all.
    Sadly at this moment we are been manipulated by a small group of powerfull people. But even that was part of the proces.
    Now will come the liberation.

    Watch the period after the summer (as both lilliths will conjoin uranus and jupiter).
    As all serious astrologers know.Lillith absorbs all energy from conjoining planets.
    This period will be extremely bad for the the world economy. A global collaps is very likely. The orbit of Lillith is 9 years. 11-9-2001 plus 9 is 2010. Most likely the events will be triggered in the USA. Indeed the rightwing extremists religious extremists in parts of the us-society area major treat for the whole world.
    Waco,the Unabomber etc. During last century we have seen what rightwing extremists were capable of.
    The conjunction of lillith and jupiter is regulary
    but still rare.It take place every 72 years.As jupiter has a orbit of 12 years and lillith of 9 years.
    The last time was during WW2.
    be prepared for the worst !

    A very exiting period though ! With wars, economical collaps (perhabs karl Marx will be right after all:) and many dissisters ahead.
    But The outcome of the events will be very positive.
    We humans will create a new world on the ruins of the old world.
    A world wich we will name: paradise.
    A place of abundance for all humans, plants and animals


    Martin Buldeo Rai

  7. Justin Says:

    Adam’s story & his fascination with 2012 is IDENTICAL to my experience & as you have pointed out its all there in the birth chart. I pulled out my WOW birth analysis [O/N 19365] & low & behold i am 12 hours younger than Adam [My Moon is 10deg Cap, Asc = Pisces] Having said that i really should heed your advice or try to to help me free myself of Apocolypse thought & study as i am alienating my poor wife.

    I am also curious as to the significance of “the Saturn/Pluto/Node planetary cycle which marks out the age of 37 as the end time”? & also the exact time period of effect for us?

  8. Justin Says:

    Dear Adrian
    Excellent article & shockingly spot on true for me. Was not at all surprised to discover my chart is so similar to Adam’s as i share the traits you have described of him. In fact our birth-times are no more than 12 hours apart [I have Pisces Asc & Moon @ 10 Deg Cap in 10th house. My north node is also in the 10th House @ 5Deg Cap] What can i expect from my upcoming nodal return?
    Thank you for your counsel
    Adrian: Hi Justin, I wrote something about being 37 here: “Success is within grasp, but what does success mean for you, and are the goals you are striving to achieve in accordance with your higher mission in life? Equally important: are the people you are associated with, your friends and partners, conducive to a happy future? This is the year to say goodbye to those who are no longer relevant to your spiritual growth, and welcome new people who are… both in your personal and in your professional life. ” But then you need to take into account theat the nodes are Cancer/Capricorn. Toughens you up, I guess ;-)

  9. Rick Jaumes B Says:

    Thankyou Sir Adrian Ross YOu are the reallest astrologer I know. I am a poor man (by Canadian standards) so I haven’t yet bought the WOW upgrade. But you were kind enough to make the program so i could still point-click for the “proffesional version” information into who I was born to be when I took my first breath. You have so helped my life, pointing me to my own true heart. If you ask me, I will send you attachments of my enlightening poetry and short story and comedy and perhaps my songs about magic when I get them recorded…. in thanks for what WOW program has done for me.
    Rick 6:05pm 28/ april / 1960 RAT SOLAR WHITE DOG

  10. Rick Jaumes B Says:

    RE: Thankyou Sir Adrian Ross:
    PS> wrong email.
    I am not com
    Wisdom for the ignorant sceptical nay-sayers:
    As governments and authorities rule us and this tends to influence our choices, it’s still our choice how we may or may not let them control us.
    It is likewise with our planetary rulers.
    Am I right?

  11. Rick Jaumes B Says:

    Adrian wrote::
    ….and that methods will improve, databases expand and one day the holy grail of replication will be achieved,…
    And now drrrrrumrollll…
    check out…
    the book…
    Proposes a wheel within the wheel…
    one with 12 even spokes (the signs) inside a wheel of
    13 uneven spokes (the constelations)
    The math is phenominal!!!
    What do you think, Sir Adrian?
    Rick Jaumes

  12. Jim Guinness Says:

    “But a free pass through purgatory is not so cheaply bought. **A hat will not do the trick.**”

    Nice. You have a way with words. :-)

  13. Ingrid Hoffman Says:

    Things that go “bump in the night”… scary movies, “thrilling rides” at the fun fair…we humans love to scare ourselves - inside and outside of the bunker! I love your writing, Adrian. Pluto on the DSC of the consultation chart - the Shadow of Hades projected out there!

    We all live in Prisons ( bunkers ) of some kind.
    What have you, my good friends, deserv’d at the hands of
    Fortune, that she sends you to prison hither?

    Prison, my lord?

    Denmark’s a prison.

    Then is the world one.

    A goodly one, in which there are many confines, wards, and
    dungeons, Denmark being one o’ th’ worst.

    We think not so, my lord.

    Why then ’tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or
    bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.

    Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 239–251

    Ingrid Cape Town

  14. Randy Eskaf Says:

    Doing a lot of blog surfing nowadays and really like the way your blog is set up. Did you do it yourself or did you use a website designer?

  15. Sara of Ravenwood Says:

    A very interesting article!

    I know of a spiritual couple who have been working with the Mayans and Mayan Elders for several years, and they even moved to Guatamala a few years ago. I listen to their teleconferences which are quite profound.

    They said the Mayan calendar is merely the end of one great cycle and the beginning of another. Humanity is at a Choice Point. Will the new cycle merely be a recreation of the past, or will we choose a more enlightened way? The polarization between the old and new energies are becoming more obvious every day. The old energy struggling to survive. The new energy demanding a birth.

    They believe only a more compassionate and balanced way of living will allow us to navigate these times with clarity and ease, bringing in the Dawning of a new Day. We have a great opportunity before us! Let’s all Choose Wisely.

  16. Suzanne E. Says:

    Hi Adrian:
    I like Sara of Ravenhood’s reply. It is most sensible and true. We are being tested as to our choices. May we have some TRUE WISDOM!

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